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7 tips for staying healthy this fall

As days become shorter and colder and you spend more time indoors, it takes a little more effort to keep your mind and body in shape. Here are some tips for staying healthy:

  1. Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D. Our bodies need sunlight to absorb vitamin D, which promotes calcium absorption and immune system function. With shorter days, we may need vitamin D supplements. Check with your health professional.

  2. Keep hydrated. Winter air is dryer so you need to drink more water to keep your body sufficiently hydrated.

  3. Don’t hibernate. It’s tempting to park yourself on the couch all winter. But that leads to weight gain, lack of fitness and low moods. Instead, stay active with hiking, outdoor family games, garden cleanup, etc.

  4. Eat seasonally. Fall is harvest time so there are lots of fresh fruits and vegetables available. Eating fresh local produce is healthier and reduces your carbon footprint.

  5. Exercise early. If you leave your workout till end of day when it’s dark, it’s hard to stay motivated. Instead, start your day with exercise and you’ll feel more energized all day long!

  6. Boost immunity. As we enter cold and flu season, strengthen your immune system by eating healthy foods, doing regular exercise, getting plenty of sleep and reducing stress.

  7. Schedule “me” time. Before the holiday craziness starts, take time for yourself by meditating, journaling, doing yoga, etc.

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